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Status Pro Sport x Vidio

"Status Pro Sport and Vidio team up for Vidio Premier League Festival"

Status Pro Sport is excited to unveil its collaboration with Vidio, Indonesia's premier broadcaster of the Premier League, for the Vidio Premier League Festival. Our Football PR service took center stage in orchestrating media engagement, hosting press conferences, and amplifying the spirit of the new Premier League season. This partnership signifies our dedication with innovative brands that are shaping the future of sports and entertainment.

The Case:

Amid the buzz of the Vidio Premier League Festival, held from August 4th to 6th in Jakarta, Status Pro Sport was entrusted with driving an impactful Football PR campaign. Our mission was to elevate the festival's presence by facilitating strategic media interactions, ensuring that the essence of the Premier League resonated throughout the event.

Our Approach:

The Vidio Premier League Festival kicked off with football legend Peter Schmeichel's visit to Sarinah shopping mall. Our Football PR team capitalized on this opportunity, ensuring Schmeichel's interaction with local Indonesian culture resonated widely through national media. Transitioning smoothly, a significant Press Conference unfolded. Our adept Football PR experts curated event messaging, delivering essential insights to attending media. Moreover, we bridge Vidio with the most prominent sports media in Indonesia: GOAL, BolaSport, and Indosport.

Simultaneously, a Meet & Greet session offered fans a close encounter with Schmeichel, magnified by our PR efforts across various media platforms. Stepping into Day 2, an exclusive Round Table Interview took center stage, with Schmeichel engaging esteemed media partners. Our Football PR team orchestrated this dialogue, while the ensuing Premier League Festival at Cilandak Town Square attracted passionate fans, unveiling football's vibrant essence.

Concluding the festival, Schmeichel embraced the excitement of fun football challenges alongside the Selebritis FC team. These exhilarating moments were expertly captured by our PR efforts, further cementing the Premier League's connection with Indonesian football enthusiasts.

The Result:

Our strategic Football PR approach yielded remarkable outcomes:

  • Total Media Engagements: 57
  • Total Media Coverage: 378
  • Total Estimated Reach: 441,418,538
  • Total PR Value: Rp 61,092,500,000
  • Total PR Value ($): $4,585,685

These results underscore Status Pro Sport's commitment to enhancing football, bridging connections, and cementing the Premier League's role in Indonesian sports culture. Our Football PR service masterfully wove a narrative that united legends, fans, and media, leaving an indelible mark on Indonesian football enthusiasts.

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