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Status Pro Sport and the KNVB enter partnership

The KNVB is widely recognised as one of the drivers of innovation in the football realm. Partnership between Status Pro Sport and KNVB enabled the football federation to tap into the vast Indonesian football landscape and connect with its passionate fan base. Together, we achieved exceptional engagement, remarkable event experiences, and the establishment of a Oranjefans in Indonesia.

The Case

As one of the world's leading football federations, KNVB recognized the immense potential of engaging with its passionate fan base in Indonesia. Through our collaboration, Status Pro Sport embarked on a research journey, revealing the presence of 12 million enthusiastic Oranje fans in Indonesia. We were honored to be chosen as the bridge between Indonesia and the Netherlands, facilitating KNVB's connection with its Indonesian audience.

Our Approach
To implement KNVB's international strategy in Indonesia, we employed a comprehensive approach that encompassed social media management, brand activation, influencer marketing, media partnerships, and event organization. Through these integrated channels, KNVB became the first football federation to establish a distinct and personalized connection with its Indonesian fan base. The pinnacle of our approach was the Oranje Indonesia Festival, a groundbreaking event organized by KNVB abroad.

The Result
Our collaboration yielded remarkable results, solidifying KNVB's bond with its Indonesian audience. The Oranje Indonesia Festival, held during the 2022 World Cup, left an indelible mark on Indonesian soil, attracting 3,000 spectators and creating unforgettable fan experiences in Ambon, Jayapura, and Manado. With a strong digital presence, strategic partnerships, and substantial media value, we successfully nurtured the growth of @oranje_indonesia, KNVB's official Bahasa Indonesia account, which now boasts more than 80K followers.

We take pride in our role as the catalyst for KNVB's success in Indonesia, follow our channels for more information on this case!

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