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Status Pro Sport x Adidas

''Status Pro Sport's partnership with Adidas"

Adidas,a globally recognized brand synonymous with innovation and excellence insportswear, continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in theindustry. At Status Pro Sport, we are proud to have formed a partnership withthis world-renowned brand, leveraging the power of athlete collaborations toamplify Adidas' reach and impact.

The Case

With a rich history of groundbreaking sportswear design and a global presence, Adidas constantly seeks innovative ways to engage with its audience and showcase its latest products. Recognizing the impact of athlete collaborations, Adidas Indonesia joined forces with Status Pro Sport to conduct player seeding and content production. By enlisting the expertise of top football players such as Ciro Alves, Dimas Drajad, Rabbani Tasnim, Marcell Januar, and Sabrina Mutiara, we aimed to propel the brand campaign to new heights and captivate the target market.

Our Approach
Status Pro Sport's approach revolved around meticulous talent selection and strategic content production. Collaborating closely with Adidas Indonesia, we identified the ideal athletes whose talent, influence, and appeal aligned seamlessly with the brand's vision. Through player seeding initiatives and engaging content creation, we showcased the exceptional qualities of Adidas X Speedflow, Copa, and Predator. Our focus was to create authentic connections between the athletes, the products, and the passionate sports enthusiasts who inspire and drive the Adidas brand.

The Result
The collaboration between Status Pro Sport and Adidas Indonesia resulted in resounding success. Our athlete collaborations and compelling content resonated strongly with the target audience, generating significant brand awareness and elevating product visibility. The campaign successfully harnessed the power of athlete endorsements, captivating the hearts and minds of sports enthusiasts, and solidifying Adidas' position as a leading sportswear brand. Through this collaboration, we created a lasting impact, empowering Adidas to connect with its audience on a deeper level and drive increased interest and demand for their latest footwear collection.

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