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Status Pro Sport x BALR

Status Pro Sport receives exclusive Invitation from BALR

BALR a big brand on the Dutch market in general. But also a very popular and sought-after brand among the football fans among us. This was evident when the entire Status Pro Sport team was personally invited by BALR to drop by during the opening of their new branch.

The case
During the opening of the new branch in Utrecht, Hoog Catharijne, BALR's new REFLECT line took center stage. It was the first time BALR didn't just release a clothing brand. For the first time, they came out with their own fragrance. There had to be a way to present this fragrance to the outside world in the best possible way. Which is where BALR ended up with Status Pro Sport.

Our approach
By inviting the entire team from Status Pro Sport, BALR had a reach spread across different target groups. (Former) footballers, football coaches, esporters and influencers all fell under this. Each created content and posted it on their social media. This obviously strengthened the reach and appeal of the new fragrance. All attendees were provided with a goodie bag, which of course did not include this new fragrance.

The result
It was a wonderful day for both BALR and Status Pro Sport. BALR had realized a beautiful event with the opening of the new branch, making optimal use of the reach of the Status Pro Sport team. Who in turn had a wonderful extra content day, were able to make new contacts, and strengthen the bond with BALR

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