Status Pro Sport x Adidas

"Status Pro Sport, Adidas, and Footlocker team up for 3X3 Competition"

Status Pro Sport, in partnership with Adidas Indonesia and Footlocker Indonesia, proudly presents a game-changing brand activation. Stepping into the limelight, we orchestrated an electrifying event that set the stage for the upcoming FIBA World Cup in Jakarta. This remarkable partnership underscores our unwavering commitment to pioneering brands that are redefining the landscape of sports and entertainment.

The Case:

Elevating courts to the nexus of athleticism, fashion, and urban culture, Status Pro Sport joined forces with Adidas Indonesia and Footlocker Indonesia to orchestrate the high-octane 3x3 Basketball Competition. The iconic Lapangan Basket ABC, Senayan, underwent a sensational metamorphosis on August 19th and 20th, 2023, becoming a pulsating canvas of sportsmanship and exhilaration.

Our Approach:

Status Pro Sport meticulously curated every facet, weaving an immersive tapestry for both players and spectators. The event's inception was a symphony of vivacity, marked by a grand entrance and captivating installations including a 360-degree photo booth and a dynamic tic-tac-toe basketball shootout. The rhythmic beats of a curated DJ playlist reverberated through the courts, encapsulating the soul of street basketball. Over two days, 40 riveting matches unfolded on the Adidas Court and Footlocker Court, fusing competition and style seamlessly. A thrilling 3-point shootout and exclusive Adidas rewards injected an extra layer of intensity.

The Result:

Culminating on day two with a crescendo of 16 electrifying games, including the gripping 3x3 semi-finals and finals, the event reached its zenith. A standout moment was the 3x3 exhibition match, bridging basketball legends of yesteryears with rising stars, resulting in a spellbinding showcase of skills. Mesmerizing performances by Kyriz Boogieman & Fang Tatis, accompanied by the Asosiasi Bola Basket Seni Indonesia, infused the atmosphere with a fusion of artistry and street culture. The grand finale was an awards gala, a jubilant tribute to champions and standout athletes. Drawing hundreds of spectators with 20 teams for all category, the event unquestionably etched its mark as a resounding success.

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