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Marc Talks Season 2

A Football Podcast by Marc Klok

"Marc Talks" is back with a bang in its second season, offering a fresh format and a lineup of esteemed guests that promises to take listeners on an exciting journey. Season one, produced during the pandemic, brought us engaging conversations with notable guests like Bambang Pamungkas, Simon McMenemy, and Ryan Babel. This second season podcast delves into the world of football, inviting a diverse range of guests, From seasoned football veterans like Greg Nwokolo, Timnas star Sandy Walsh to emerging stars like Asnawi and even celebrities like Raffi Ahmad. As the podcast gears up for its 23-episode second season, But "Marc Talks" isn't just about discussing the beautiful game; it's about revealing the multifaceted individuals behind the sport.

At Status Pro Sport, we play a vital role in bringing "Marc Talks" to life. We provide a range of services to ensure that the podcast is engaging, visually appealing, and professionally produced. Our services for "Marc Talks" include scriptwriting, video production, behind the scene photoshoots, video editing until publishing.

With Status Pro's comprehensive support, "Marc Talks" not only offers enlightening and engaging conversations but also provides a visually rich and professionally produced experience.

"Marc Talks" is not just a football podcast; it's an exploration of the people, the stories, and the passions that make the sport so captivating. With Marc Klok's dedication to storytelling and Status Pro's range of services, this podcast series promises to take you on a journey beyond the field, where the essence of football blends with the essence of life.

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