Football Marketing
Tito x Puma

When Lethal Weapon Meets a Young Wizard from Bali.

Status Pro Sport is excited to announce its latest collaboration, connecting our talented football player, Tito Wiratama, with renowned sports brand Puma Indonesia. This partnership brings together Tito's exceptional skills on the field and Puma's commitment to delivering innovative and stylish sports products. Through this collaboration, we conducted a thrilling content session with Tito in Bali, showcasing his exceptional talent while donning Puma Ultra football shoes and training kit.

The Case
Status Pro Sport played a pivotal role in facilitating this collaboration, working closely with Puma Indonesia to provide Tito Wiratama as their esteemed ambassador. As a trusted partner in player seeding, we understand the importance of aligning athletes with brands that share their vision and values. Tito's remarkable skills and dedication to the sport made him the ideal choice to represent Puma Indonesia.

Our Approach
In the picturesque setting of Bali, Tito showcased his exceptional talent and passion for the game while wearing the Puma Ultra football shoes. With every precise touch and lightning-fast move, Tito demonstrated the unrivaled performance and agility that Puma Ultra provides. The content session captured Tito's relentless drive and determination, highlighting his on-field prowess while showcasing the superior quality of Puma's football footwear.

To further showcase the versatility of Puma's offerings, we organized a captivating photoshoot featuring Tito Wiratama in stylish Puma casual wear. With Tito's vibrant personality and magnetic presence, the photoshoot perfectly captured the fusion of style and sport that Puma represents. Whether on or off the field, Tito exemplifies the Puma ethos of embracing individuality and pushing boundaries.

The Result
The collaboration between Tito Wiratama and Puma Indonesia has yielded remarkable results. Through strategic player seeding, Status Pro Sport has successfully connected Tito with Puma, creating a powerful partnership that resonates with football enthusiasts and fans. Tito's association with Puma Indonesia amplifies the brand's reach and influence, while showcasing the exceptional performance and style of Puma's products to a wider audience.

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