Football Marketing
Kadek Arel x Puma

Solidity and precision powered by Puma Future.

Status Pro Sport are delighted to announce the exciting collaboration between our talented football player, Kadek Arel, and the renowned sports brand Puma Indonesia. This partnership showcases the fusion of Kadek's remarkable form and Puma's commitment to delivering innovative and high-performance sports products. Through this collaboration, we had the privilege of working with Kadek Arel during a thrilling content session, where he showcased his immense talent while wearing the cutting-edge Puma Future football boots.

The Case
Status Pro Sport played a crucial role in connecting Kadek Arel with Puma Indonesia for this collaborative venture. As a trusted partner in player seeding, we understand the importance of pairing athletes with brands that share their vision and values. Kadek's exceptional skills and dynamic playing style make him the perfect ambassador for Puma Future, representing the brand's commitment to unleashing creativity and precision on the field.

Our Approach
During the content session, Kadek Arel demonstrated his exceptional talent and creativity while wearing the state-of-the-art Puma Future football boots. These innovative boots provide unmatched agility and precision, allowing Kadek to showcase his incredible ball control and agility. With each move, Kadek exemplified the limitless potential that Puma Future offers to players who strive for greatness.In addition to the content session, we organized a captivating photoshoot featuring Kadek Arel in Puma's sleek and stylish apparel. The photoshoot perfectly captured Kadek's dynamic presence and flair, reflecting the fusion of style and performance that Puma embodies. Kadek's partnership with Puma Future highlights his dedication to pushing boundaries and his commitment to excellence, both on and off the field.

The Result
The collaboration between Kadek Arel and Puma Indonesia has had a profound impact on the football community. Through strategic player seeding, Status Pro Sport has successfully connected Kadek with Puma, creating a powerful alliance that resonates with football enthusiasts and fans. Kadek's association with Puma Future amplifies the brand's reach and influence, while showcasing the unmatched performance and style of Puma's football footwear to a broader audience.

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