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Sebas de Jong x Sorare

Sebas de Jong and Sorare Join Forces

In the realm of sports and entertainment, influential partnerships have the ability to create memorable experiences and engage passionate audiences. Sebas de Jong, a talented content creator and influencer,recently collaborated with Sorare to embark on an extraordinary journey to witness a football match of Borussia Dortmund. This case study explores the impactful partnership between Sebas de Jong and Sorare, highlighting their shared vision, strategic collaboration, and the unparalleled experience that ensued

Sorare, a leading blockchain-based fantasy football platform, sought to leverage Sebas de Jong's influence and creative storytelling abilities to promote their innovative platform and engage football enthusiasts. Together, they aimed to showcase the unparalleled experience that Sorare provides, and in turn, foster greater brand awareness and user engagement.

The reasons why sorare chooses a content creator for this collaboration:
- Sebas de Jong is a very passionate football fan which he also knows how to convey to his followers from his own emotion
- Sebas de Jong has a great reach towards the younger target group which sorare would like to reach
- By using a familiar face for the youth target group, Sorare knows this will be reflected in the number of new registrations
- Influencers may be asked to post content on their socials with a corresponding link where any new users can register themselves

Impact and Results
The partnership between Sebas de Jong and Sorare yielded impressive results. Sebas's content garnered significant engagement, with high viewership, positive sentiment, and increased brand mentions. Sorare experienced a surge in platform registrations and user activity, directly attributable to Sebas's influence and the captivating content he created. The partnership successfully expanded Sorare's reach, attracting new users who were inspired by Sebas's genuine passion and connection to the platform.

Sebas de Jong's partnership with Sorare stands as a shining example of the power of influencer collaborations. Through his authentic storytelling and immersive content creation, Sebas effectively communicated Sorare's value proposition and engaged a passionate football audience. The partnership not only increased brand awareness and user engagement but also enhanced the overall fan experience, solidifying Sebas's position as a trusted influencer and Sorare as a premier platform for football enthusiasts. Together, Sebas de Jong and Sorare continue to inspire and empower football fans worldwide.

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