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''Jumbo chooses an e-sporter as the face of its recruitment campaign''

The case: 
Our label Status Pro Sport acts as an intermediary in theprofessional football and e-sports world. Besides intermediating betweenprofessional footballers, we also work with professional e-sports players, paidfootball organisations and major brands. In this case, we were commissioned bythe Eredivisie CV to use one of our clients, former professional e-sport playerand well-known influencer Aristote Ndunu, for a Jumbo recruitment campaign.

Aristote has a reach of nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram, 63,000 followers on TikTok, and over 97,000 subscribers on YouTube. Jumbo, a client of the Eredivisie CV, aims to respond to the tight labor market with the "Make the Move" campaign by using Aristote's image and reach to encourage young professionals to apply for jobs.

The reasons why Jumbo chooses an e-sporter as the face of its recruitment campaign:
There are several reasons why Jumbo chooses an e-sporter as the face of its recruitment campaign:
- Influencers can be used to share and promote job vacancies through their social media channels, creating greater reach and more applications.
- The landing page and video with Aristote contribute to strengthening and increasing the employer brand.
- The campaign ensures that Jumbo reaches a new target group, which may result in more and possibly high-quality applicants.
- If successful, the campaign can be followed up with a now-familiar face, and candidates can also be recruited in other ways and channels, such as via Instagram Stories.
- Influencers can also be asked to participate in a recruitment campaign, for instance through a social media challenge.

The result:
For now, the result is that the recruitment campaign "Make the move" has been excellently received by the target group. The landing page provides a new incentive for candidates to apply and a larger target group has been reached. In the coming weeks, it will become clear what this has yielded in concrete terms and how it might be followed up.

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