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433 Reveals EA FC 24 with Debut Clash between Rarko and Elia


With the release of the new game EA FC 24, 433 hosted an event with Rarko, an influencer, against Eljero Elia, a former professional footballer. In this event, the two went head-to-head in matches, with victory hinging on the completion of specific challenges in this Rotterdam-based debut clash. The guidance of Rarko was entrusted to Status Pro Sport for this showdown.


433 aimed to celebrate the launch of the new EA FC 24 game by creating content that would entertain their target audience. The key players, both hailing from Rotterdam, were essential for this debut clash. The event was organized in partnership with EA, the game's publisher, with the purpose of promoting the game's release through the influence of Rarko, a well-known influencer, and Elia, a retired footballer with a history at clubs like Feyenoord, Juventus, Werder Bremen, and the Dutch National Team.


The event for the EA FC 24 game launch went well. 433 organized it, featuring the main event of a face-off between Rarko, a popular influencer, and Elia, a former Dutch football player.This event, done together with EA, the company behind the game, gave 433's audience and the public some good content. With Rarko getting support from Status Pro Sport and Elia taking part, 433 effectively promoted EA FC 24 in a unique and interesting way. The mix of a famous influencer and an ex-football player made fun content that people liked. EA was happy with how the event went and the stuff Rarko and Elia did for 433. This successful event helped 433 create unique content and launch a new game in a cool and attractive way.

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