Football Scout
Theo Doetawihardja

Meet our Football Scout

Theo Doetawihardja has an extensive background as a scout for Go Ahead Eagles, where he has played a pivotal role in identifying and nurturing numerous talented individuals within the club.

With his entrepreneurial experience, Theo possesses the necessary skills to connect professionals with ambitious organizations, leveraging his expertise in building successful partnerships.

Driven by his deep understanding of the game, extensive network, and unwavering ambition, Theo has joined Status Pro Sport as a Scout. In this role, he is responsible for attracting professional football players and trainers as clients of Status Pro Sport, utilizing his extensive network to facilitate positive connections. Theo is well-versed in utilizing innovative tools and data, a key aspect where we differentiate ourselves. Additionally, he will handle the crucial task of liaising with the coaches from (professional) football clubs and federations.

Theo Doetawihardja's wealth of experience and his ability to identify and develop talent make him a valuable asset to the Status Pro Sport team. With his unique insights and strong connections, Theo is committed to driving the success and growth of both players and trainers within the dynamic world of football.

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