Senior Marketeer
Thatiana Palitos

Meet Thatiana Palitos, our Senior Marketeer.

Thatiana Rodrigues Palitos is a highly skilled and dedicated marketer, entrusted with overseeing the marketing and communications strategies for Status Pro Sport, our clients, and the personal branding of our players.

With her extensive expertise in social media strategy, branding, communication, and content strategy, Thatiana ensures that our marketing efforts effectively resonate with our target audience and convey the unique value we offer.

Being of Portuguese descent, Thatiana brings a multicultural perspective to her work and is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Dutch. This enables her to provide comprehensive and international support, catering to the diverse needs of our clients and helping to expand our reach across different markets.

In addition to her marketing skills, Thatiana is known for her creative mindset and  attention to detail. She is adept at crafting compelling narratives and delivering impactful messaging that captivates audiences and elevates the profiles of our players.

By combining her deep understanding of marketing principles with her multilingual abilities and cultural sensitivity, Thatiana plays a crucial role in shaping the image and reputation of Status Pro Sport. Her strategic approach and passion for excellence contribute to our continued success in the ever-evolving world of football marketing.

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