Creative Director
Marc Klok

Meet Marc Klok: Our Creative Director, making his mark on and off the pitch.

Marc Klok, the Creative Director of Status Pro Sport Indonesia, brings an unparalleled wealth of experience, expertise, and an extensive network to our team. As a professional football player himself, Marc possesses an intimate understanding of the sports industry and the unique needs of our clients.

In his pivotal role, Marc spearheads the development and execution of our strategic initiatives, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the industry and consistently deliver outstanding results for our valued clients. His passion for football and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as a driving force, inspiring our team to achieve greatness and surpass expectations.

As the face of Status Pro Sport Indonesia, Marc leverages his extensive network to create opportunities for success. While his primary focus remains on his own successful performance on the field, our well-structured organization empowers him to explore new avenues of growth. Furthermore, we actively cultivate Marc's personal branding and foster commercial relationships to maximize his potential.

Marc's true strength lies in his ability to think creatively and contribute valuable insights from his entrepreneurial spirit. This natural talent and innate drive make him a true go-getter and a living embodiment of our vision and ambitions. Through the imaginary bridge he builds between Europe and Indonesia, we seek to forge strong connections through the power of football.

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