FIFA Football Agent
Kenneth Ho-A-Chin

Meet our FIFA Football Agent

Kenneth Ho-A-Chin has had a profound football career and has transitioned into a successful career as a Scout. Initially focused on young talent, he later expanded his expertise to include established players. With a discerning eye for talent, Ho-A-Chin possesses a deep understanding of the game and what it takes for players to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Ho-A-Chin has been actively involved in the labor market for over seven years, acting as an intermediary for prominent Dutch companies and logistics professionals. He understands the importance of fostering valuable collaborations and brings this expertise to his role.

Given his extensive experience and passion for the game, it was a natural progression for Ho-A-Chin to further enhance his career as a football agent. He successfully obtained his FIFA license, demonstrating his knowledge and commitment to the industry. As one of the FIFA Football Agents at Status Pro Sport, Ho-A-Chin continues to excel in facilitating the success and growth of players within the dynamic world of football.

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