Junior Account Manager
Damon de Best

From esporter to Junior Account Manager

Damon de Best, a driven and ambitious individual, embarked on his professional journey as a Junior Account Manager at Status Pro Sport, a leading football marketing agency. From the outset, Damon demonstrated a remarkable combination of talent, determination, and passion for the sports industry, laying the foundation for an inspiring career.

With a deep love for both sports and business, Damon found himself drawn to the dynamic world of sports marketing. He joined Status Pro Sport, a renowned agency known for its expertise in connecting athletes, teams, and brands.

As a Junior Account Manager, Damon embraced his role with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. He was quick to learn the intricacies of the football marketing , understanding the importance of building strong relationships with clients, sponsors, and athletes. Damon's exceptional interpersonal skills allowed him to forge meaningful connections and gain the trust of his colleagues and partners.

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