Status Pro Esports X PEC Zwolle

PEC Zwolle Esports and Status Pro Esports start a new co-operation together


Status Pro Esports and PEC Zwolle have partnered up for the 2023/2024 season. PEC Zwolle, having secured their promotion last season, can now be found in both the Eredivisie and the virtual competition, the eDivisie.

The Case

In 2020, PEC Zwolle surprised all other clubs by winning the eDivisie tournament. Naturally, they hope to achieve the same feat this year. To do so, they have enlisted the help of Status Pro Esports in assembling a strong team.

PEC Zwolle chose Status Pro Esports for several reasons. Firstly, partnering with us allows PEC Zwolle to establish strategic alliances in the esports industry and benefit from their expertise and connections. Secondly, they can leverage Status Pro Esports' proficiency in player development and performance analysis. Thirdly, the collaboration opens doors to the lucrative esports market, offering opportunities for revenue generation through sponsorships and endorsements. Lastly, PEC Zwolle can engage with younger demographics interested in esports, promoting youth development initiatives and potentially discovering talent for both esports and traditional football.

Our Approach

Status Pro Esports have put together a formidable team for the upcoming season.

The team consists of:

Gio Bakhuijsen: Gio is a prominent figure in the Dutch EA FC esports scene. Last year, he surprisingly finished third with Excelsior in the eDivisie, claimed the ninth spot in the eChampions League, and ultimately ranked 48th in Europe. By bringing Gio on board, PEC Zwolle is already considered a formidable title contender.

Tom Dijkhuizen: Tom is a familiar name in the Dutch EA FC esports scene. His entertaining content on both YouTube and Twitch, combined with his top performances in the Weekend League, caught the attention of many. Tom hopes that this move will breathe new life into his career as an esporter.

Yonni Kan: Yonni made a name for himself during 'The Next E-Talent' season on Videoland. Additionally, he participated in the TV show 'De Alleskunner,' which he impressively won. This all-rounder can clearly hold his own in a competitive game.

Timo Maartense: Timo is a well-known name in the esports scene, not only nationally but also internationally. He has previously coached players at clubs such as AZ Alkmaar, Benfica, Leeds United, and Manchester United. This year, he is sharing his expertise with PEC Zwolle's team, aiming to surprise and amaze the competition.


The partnership between Status Pro Esports and PEC Zwolle produced concrete outcomes, including heightened brand visibility, enhanced engagement, and strengthened fan loyalty for both parties. Their joint efforts in innovative projects and events garnered extensive media attention, raising the profiles of both organizations and setting a precedent for future collaborations across industries.

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