Status Pro Esports X Club Brugge

Frodo to eClub Brugge as EAFC coach


Club Brugge's esports team is also making moves. In preparation for the ePro League, the Belgian competition in the former FIFA game, Club Brugge is calling upon the expertise of coach 'Frodo,' also known as Timo Maartense. He is tasked with taking the performances of Rudi Ekmen and Keanu Newa to an even higher level.


Now, eClub Brugge is taking a new step in professionalization by enlisting an EAFC coach. Timo Maartense from the Netherlands, known in the gaming world as 'Frodo' and under contract with the agency 'Status Pro Esports,' will closely guide our two players in the upcoming season. Maartense has previously coached esports teams for clubs like Feyenoord, Benfica, Leeds United, and Manchester United. Status Pro Esports brings a wealth of experience and expertise in managing esports teams, nurturing talent, and navigating the competitive gaming landscape. Through this partnership, Club Brugge gains access to invaluable resources, including coaching staff, training facilities, and marketing channels, enabling them to establish a formidable presence in esports.


The collaboration with Status Pro Esports provided Club Brugge with valuable resources, including enhanced team management and expanded marketing outreach. Frodo's appointment as EAFC coach leveraged his extensive experience and strategic vision to shape the team's training regimen and competitive strategy. Under Frodo's guidance, Club Brugge's EAFC team showed significant improvement, achieving commendable results in various FIFA tournaments, including reaching semi-finals and securing top placements in regional competitions. Frodo's active engagement on social media platforms boosted Club Brugge's brand image within the esports community, leading to increased fan interactions, participation in online events, and growth in social media following.


These initiatives signify Club Brugge's commitment to long-term investment in esports, laying a strong foundation for continued success and growth in the esports landscape which shows Status Pro Esports' expertise in the esports industry.

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