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Marc X Astro Spartan MK Prime In

The latest collaboration launch of Marc Klok with MILLS, the Astro Spartan MK Prime IN, with a mission to conquer the futsal field!


The ongoing collaboration between Marc Klok and MILLS is increasingly yielding many positive impacts beneficial to both parties. Marc, as one of the players for PERSIB and also the Indonesian National Team, embodies the image fittingly as one of the faces of MILLS.

The Case

Marc x MILLS launches shoes dedicated to those ready to conquer small-scale fields. The Astro Spartan MK Prime IN is created for those seeking agility, speed, and precision control when playing futsal. Leveraging Klok's experience as a professional football player and MILLS' expertise in footwear technology, the partnership aims to design shoes that enhance players' performance on the court.

Our Approach

Status Pro Sport always strive to provide the best brand presence for its athletes. Through market research, we are able to leverage Klok's reputation to develop effective branding and promotional campaigns. Through active engagement on social media, events, and online platforms, we foster a strong sense of community around the brand, gathering valuable feedback from customers to ensure continuous improvement.

The Result

The collaboration between Marc Klok and MILLS, supported by Status Pro Sport, achieved significant results. The new futsal shoe line gained considerable market share, driven by targeted marketing and Klok's endorsements. Through customer engagement, including social media interactions and events, we are able to build a strong brand loyalty. Overall, the collaboration proved highly successful, as we endeavor to provide benefits for both parties by delivering maximum service to our clients.

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