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Kadek Arel Signs for PUMA

Kadek Arel Priyatna has signed a one-year ambassadorial deal with PUMA Indonesia


Status Pro Sport talent Kadek Arel Priyatna has signed a one-year ambassador contract with PUMA Indonesia. The strategic partnership marks an important milestone in Arel's career and underscores the increasingly recognized role of athletes as influencers and powerful catalysts for brands in the modern sports landscape.

The one-year deal between the Indonesian U20 national football team captain and PUMA Indonesia encompasses comprehensive coverage of all sporting and football needs for the young football sensation. PUMA, a globally renowned sports brand, has committed to supporting Arel in his athletic journey, ensuring that he has access to the best equipment, training gear, and other essentials that will contribute to his performance on the field.

Kadek Arel Priyatna's relationship with PUMA Indonesia exemplifies the shift towards aligning brands with athletes who are not only excellent in their respective sports but also embody values that resonate with a broader audience. Arel's dedication, skills, and leadership as the captain of the Indonesian U20 national team make him an ideal representative for PUMA, a brand synonymous with performance and innovation.

Our Approach

Kadek Arel Priyatna will make public appearances representing PUMA Indonesia at events, press conferences, and promotional activities. Priyatna will actively engage with his social media followers, promoting PUMA Indonesia products and creating collaborative content. Additionally, the contract allows for the integration of PUMA Indonesia products into Priyatna's sporting activities, strengthening brand visibility and consumer association.


The partnership between PUMA Indonesia and Kadek Arel Priyatna promises numerous benefits. With Priyatna's widespread recognition, the brand is able to enhance visibility, especially within the sports and fitness demographic. Furthermore, his association provides credibility and trust, as consumers tend to favor brands endorsed by admired personalities. This collaboration also offers a pathway for deeper market penetration, leveraging Priyatna's local influence and fan base. Securing a prominent ambassador like Priyatna gives PUMA Indonesia a competitive edge, positioning it as the preferred choice among Indonesian consumers.

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