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Status Pro Sport x Ajax x Flink

Flink collaborates with Ajax through #Flink2Touch Challenge


Flink is one of the industry leader of online grocery shopping in the Netherlands. Flink stands as the ultimate destination for online shopping convenience, providing a wide range of products from fresh groceries to household essentials and cooking staples. With a commitment to reliable delivery, Flink ensures that orders reach customers' doorsteps within minutes, offering a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

The Case:

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing engagement and fostering brand loyalty, Status Pro Sport was approached by Flink to develop a campaign by utilizing football to achieve a successful brand activation

Flink agrees to collaborate with Ajax to exemplify a strategic approach to marketing by harnessing football's inherent appeal. Through the campaign 2Touch Challenge and strategic partnerships with both a football club and influential personalities, the campaign resonates with audiences nationwide, solidifying Flink's position as a leading brand in the market.

Our Approach:

Central to the campaign is the introduction of the 2Touch Challenge, an initiative designed to boost interaction between Flink and its users. Participants are encouraged to showcase their skills by keeping either a product or ball in the air, with entries shared across social media platforms using the hashtag #Flink2Touch. Prizes, such as a PlayStation 5, AirPods, an Ajax home shirt, and 4 VIP tickets to an Ajax home game, will be awarded to the best participants. Additionally, new customers can benefit from a special discount using the code 'Flink2Touch'.

In collaboration with Ajax, the campaign features four players—Akpom, Forbs, Gorter, and Fitz-Jim—who star in a promotional video. Two of these players take on the 2Touch Challenge, amplifying its reach across Flink and Ajax's Instagram accounts. Status Pro Sport aims to maximize engagement and exposure for Flink by leveraging the fanbase of Ajax.

Further strengthening the campaign's impact are three football personalities: Lesly De Sa (former Ajax player), Luc van Dijk (YouTube and TikTok content creator), and Damon de Best (Sparta Rotterdam esporter). These influencers play a crucial role in promoting the challenge on their respective social media channels to attract a diverse audience.

The Result:

The campaign has garnered significant attention and engagement. Social media platforms are abuzz with entries showcasing users' skills and creativity, generating a buzz around the #Flink2Touch hashtag. The collaboration with Ajax and football personalities has extended the campaign's impact, resulting in increased brand exposure and association for Flink. Overall, the campaign was very successful by using the power of strategic marketing partnerships in driving engagement and brand affinity.

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