Status Pro Sport x Puma

"Elevating Football Excellence through Collaboration with Puma Indonesia"

Status Pro Sport is thrilled to present its latest dynamic collaboration, bringing together our talents Tito Wiratama and Kadek Arel with the renowned sports brand, Puma Indonesia. This partnership is not only a celebration of exceptional athleticism but also a testament to Puma's commitment to innovation and style. Through this exciting alliance, we embarked on a captivating content production session, capturing Tito and Arel in action while wearing Puma Ultra and Puma Future football shoes and training gear.

To demonstrate the versatility of Puma's product range, we orchestrated a captivating photoshoot featuring Tito and Arel showcasing Puma Ultra and Puma Future. This included both studio shots of the boots in exquisite detail, as well as outdoor scenes with the players wearing these performance-enhancing football boots.

As a trusted expert in player-brand partnerships, we understand the significance of aligning athletes with brands that resonate with their values and aspirations. Tito's and Arel's remarkable dedication to football and their craft made them the perfect candidates to represent the spirit of Puma Indonesia.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Bali, Tito and Arel displayed his exceptional skills and unwavering passion for the game, all while wearing the cutting-edge Puma Ultra and Puma Future football shoes. This content session vividly captured Tito's and Arel's relentless determination, emphasizing his prowess on the field while showcasing the superior quality of Puma's football footwear.

The collaboration between Tito Wiratama & Kadek Arel and Puma Indonesia has yielded outstanding outcomes. Their association with Puma Indonesia serves to expand the brand's influence and reach, while also spotlighting the remarkable performance and style of Puma's products to a wider audience. This collaboration underscores our commitment to fostering excellence in football, as we continue to create impactful connections between exceptional athletes and visionary brands.

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