Premier League Festival

Premier League Festival featuring Peter Schmeichel

Status Pro Sport has recently supported the streaming service Vidio in the realm of Football PR during and around the Premier League Festival featuring former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.

In Indonesia, a country where passion and interest for football know no bounds, the recent Vidio Premier League Festival once again demonstrated the unifying power of football. This large-scale event took place from August 4th to 6th on the bustling streets of Jakarta, organized by Vidio and bolstered by the local team of Status Pro Sport, leaving a profound impression on both fans and media.

The Premier League has built a fervent and incredibly large following in Indonesia. Each season, the passion for the league grows in the country, making it a passionate hotspot for football enthusiasts. This enthusiasm gained a new focus when Vidio, the official Indonesian broadcaster of the Premier League, embarked on a campaign to forge an unparalleled connection between fans and the sport they love.

The Vidio Premier League Festival was a three-day event where football, culture, and media relations physically converged. The festival was opened by football legend Peter Schmeichel, whose legendary status gave the event a tremendous boost.

Day 1: Peter Schmeichel Embraces Indonesian Culture

On the first day of the festival, football icon Schmeichel was warmly welcomed at the iconic Sarinah shopping center. In this vibrant atmosphere, he enjoyed local Indonesian snacks, thus breaking cultural barriers. Our team ensured that the media were present during this event.

The highlight of the day was a significant press conference held at the Vidio base camp in the SCTV tower in Jakarta. Status Pro Sport organized this crucial gathering of international media and ensured that the core messages were effectively conveyed to the attending media. Ultimately, this was the goal: promoting the visibility of the Premier League on Vidio to the widest possible audience.

Day 2: Engagement and Celebrations

On the second day of the festival, a closed roundtable discussion took place, where Peter Schmeichel engaged with 14 esteemed media partners of Vidio. Facilitated by our Football PR team, the discussion flowed smoothly and yielded insights that were shared in leading media channels in Indonesia.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the grandeur of the Premier League Festival was unleashed on the Cilandak town square. This inaugural Premier League festival in Jakarta captured the hearts and souls of football fans, a group of thousands who came together to celebrate the arrival of a new Premier League season.

Day 3: Selebritis FC Football Match

The festivities reached a climax on the final day, as Peter Schmeichel teamed up with the Selebritis FC team for a game of football. This team comprises national influencers and is similar to what we know in the Netherlands as Creators FC.

Within this project, Status Pro Sport was responsible for all marketing and PR activities surrounding this impressive and highly successful event. We contributed to the substantial PR value received by the Premier League and the streaming service, from national television and social media to newspapers. Furthermore, the message was effectively conveyed, led by football legend Peter Schmeichel, to the football-loving audience.

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