Marketing & Communication Manager
Gerry Thiar

A licensed PR, experienced in Asian Football with AFC and Indonesian football PSSI and focusing on sports marketing & communications specialist.

With a rich background in the sports industry, Gerry Thiar brings 7 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to his role as the Marketing PR Specialist at Status Pro Sport. Having previously worked at PSSI (Football Association of Indonesia), AFC (Asian Football Confederation), and Mola TV (an OTT media company), Gerry has honed his expertise in sports marketing, media relations, and strategic brand management.

Throughout his career, Gerry has developed a deep understanding of the dynamics of the sports landscape, working closely with athletes, sports organizations, and media outlets. His extensive experience allows him to navigate the industry landscape with finesse, leveraging his connections and insights to deliver impactful marketing and PR campaigns that elevate our clients' brands.

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