Media Value of Gold Medalists

In the past 30 days, over 26,000 news articles have been dedicated to this fantastic achievement. The enthusiasm and support from the media have been immense, showcasing the nation's love for football and the team's remarkable accomplishments.

Behind the success of the Indonesian U22 National Team in winning the gold medal at the 2023 SEA Games lies a remarkable impact in terms of media coverage and ad value equivalency. This article will not focus on the footballing aspect, but rather on how the achievements of the Garuda Nusantara have influenced media coverage and ad value equivalency (AVE) in an extraordinary way.

On the final day and the days that followed, the excitement reached its peak with over 6,000 related news articles. The coverage of Garuda Nusantara's success in Cambodia reached a staggering 1.3 billion viewers, demonstrating the significant interest and attention generated by the success of the Indonesian National Team.

AVE (Ad Value Equivalency) for the national team's coverage reached an impressive figure of USD 452,840. This metric aims to measure the equivalent advertising value of the earned media coverage. For Indonesian football, this is certainly a long-awaited achievement, especially after the Kanjuruhan Tragedy, which caused a sharp decline in the country's football image. The media coverage of Garuda Nusantara reflects the significant impact and visibility gained by the team, as if they had obtained paid advertising space with a fantastic value.

This achievement has also had an impact on one of our talents managed by Status Pro Sport, Beckham Putra. As part of the national team and the scorer of the winning goal for Indonesia, Beckham Putra has experienced a significant increase in followers. From 760K followers just before the gold medal match of SEA Games, to 870K followers in just ten days.

In addition to Beckham Putra, we also followed the wave of victory of Garuda Nusantara for our client @oranje_indonesia, the official KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) account in Indonesian language. A video of encouragement for Garuda Nusantara from Xavi Simons, Mees Hilgers, Sepp van den Berg, and Joshua Zirkzee, who are part of Jong Oranje, ended up with a record reach for our post, reaching 1,674,000. A tangible manifestation of the bridge between Indonesian and Dutch football!

The gold medal victory of the Indonesian U22 National Team at the 2023 SEA Games is not only a proud sporting achievement but also proves the great potential in terms of media coverage. This success demonstrates that football is a powerful magnet that captures public attention and creates unforgettable historic moments.

Now, let's savor this moment of victory while waiting to see the impact of the media coverage for the monumental Indonesia vs Argentina match. Will the above-mentioned figures continue to grow?

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