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Mo Rashid

I collaborated with Status Pro Sport while playing for Persib in 2021. At that time, the Indonesian football competition had just resumed after the pandemic, and the Status Pro Sport team helped me interact with the audience and develop my personal branding to the fullest extent.

Mohammed Rashid, hailing from Palestine, is an accomplished midfielder who has recently made a comeback to Indonesia and joined Bali United for the new season. With his exceptional performances and skills, Rashid has captured the attention of the Palestine national team, leading to his debut in 2017. Since then, he has solidified his position as a regular player for the national team and played a crucial role in helping Palestine qualify for major tournaments, including the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.

Having just returned to Indonesia, Rashid is excited to continue his football journey with Bali United, a renowned club in the country. His previous stint with Persib Bandung in 2021 garnered him a substantial following on social media, as his impressive performances on the field caught the attention of Indonesian football fans. Rashid's skill and talent as a midfielder were already well-established in his home country of Palestine, where he had made a name for himself on the international stage.

At 28 years old, Rashid still has many years ahead of him in his football career. He has the potential to emerge as one of Asia's top midfielders, inspiring young football players not only in Palestine but also across the globe. His presence in Bali United brings excitement and anticipation, as he aims to contribute to the team's success and help them achieve their goals.

Rashid is grateful for the support he has received throughout his journey. From his family and friends to the football communities in both Palestine and Indonesia, he appreciates their unwavering belief in him. Their support serves as motivation for him to continue striving for excellence and making a positive impact through the beautiful game of football.

As he embarks on this new chapter with Bali United, Rashid is eager to work alongside his teammates and the coaching staff to create a strong and cohesive unit on the field. With his skills, experience, and determination, he believes that he can add value to the team's gameplay. Together with Bali United, Rashid aims to create unforgettable moments and inspire others to pursue their passions with resilience and dedication.

The football community awaits the exciting performances that Mohammed Rashid will bring to Bali United. His return to Indonesia marks a new chapter in his career, filled with opportunities for growth, success, and the chance to leave a lasting impact on Indonesian football.

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